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Seoul Scholars International Schools

Written By: admin - Dec• 30•16

International Schools in Seoul is one of the school with the highest esteem in South Korea that was founded in order to meet the demands for the gifted students who wants to study abroad and returnees looking for experience. The mission of the school is to provide stimulating education that aims at stimulating the students for academics and endeavours. The schools is very competitive and its core mandate is to advance in education in all sectors in written and oral communications, brain storming and understanding of the subjects

Benefits of International School

1. The school offers Free tuition for school aged children and quality education
2. Morale and sick leave are offered so as to allow one to recover well
3. Basic salary for the teachers are paid according to their experience and the level of education.Taxes are paid by the school for the Korean.The minimum experience needed is two years for the teachers.
4. The allowance for the new teachers are given that can assist in relocation
5. The returning teachers are given summer allowance
6. The retirement benefits
7. Leaves for bereavement
8. Unused leave is reimbursed
9.Teachers are paid stipends for extra duties
10. Bonus for re-employment
11. There is transportation that gathers for new and departing teachers
12. Medical insurance cover
14.Allowance for mailing
15.Book allowance
How to Enrol

The parents and students can fill out the application form giving out their details. Upon filling , you can then submit the form which would be used for admissions. The Students who does well the application process are then invited for an interview then have to sit for an entrance exam. The interviewee are notified by the admission office about the interview and the exam date. The headteacher holds the Interview. The exam for entrance are maths and English. After the students sits for the interview and exam, the successful ones are then given further instructions

The International Schools in Seoul have academy’s flexible option and class schedule (college style) which allows the learner to benefit from learning additional and extracurricular activities and commitments. The admission committee are the one who assess the applicant and their potential so that they can build the cohesive community of secondary school. You can also visit the International Schools in Seoul website so that you can check the admission requirements and the forms

What do you expect in our school?

Once you join our International Schools in Seoul , you are assured of quality education which meets the required standards and esteem where students can unleash their aptitude potential. You are also assured of good and discipline instructors for the students with enough experience to mentor and inspire the students. There is also good curriculum in the school and many more expectations which I can just urge you to come and witness for yourselves.

The school is quite amazing since everything is done professionally. There is also student/college counseling which is assisting the students so much. The campus calendar, official documents, club activities and graduation requirements can be accessed from
the International Schools in Seoul website.

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