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Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Web Designer

I mean why would you? Web Designer are expensive, at least the good ones are. Cheap ones? Don’t even bother – they can’t even understand what you are saying and it ends up costing and taking more time than getting then expensive one. The 3 major problems with getting a web designer and developer is: […]

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The importance of K-Kiosks in the modern market

The constantly changing customer needs have continued to pose a huge challenge to many companies trying to stay on top of their game in customer satisfaction. K-Kiosk,however,have been able to rise to the challenge and ensure that they are able to satisfy their customers despite their ever evolving needs and demands. This achievement can be […]

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NBR Float

With so many companies dealing in the development and manufacture of float, it is hard for an industry owner to know where exactly to get float of high quality. There is however companies that have managed to stand out when it comes to the production of high quality float. SM Inc. is one of these […]

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The Pen Of The Future

Just when this generation’s technology couldn’t get any more advanced, Neo has developed a solution for note taking. Called the SmartPen N2 (, this device allows its users to take notes digitally and efficiently. It’s very common for people to lose their notes easily in their backpack or suitcase, so why not have it digitally […]

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